{iPhone}最佳的隨身路跑教練 - NIKE+ GPS

Nike+ GPS是您最佳的路跑隨身教練,有了Nike+ GPS,跑者們將可以不在需要Nike+ 的慢跑鞋與Sensor,透過GPS(需連網)直接記錄路每次路跑的路徑、時間與速度,紀錄路跑也可以很簡單。
有別於iPhone內建的Nike+,Nike+ GPS擁有更完善的介面以及對社群網站的支援(Facebook)&(Twritter)
因為GPS需要網路,雖然iPod Touch也可以安裝,還是推薦在iPhone上使用囉!
Nike+ GPS is your best jogging coach.  With Nike+ GPS, runners now are able to record their jogging routes and info without the equipments of Nike+ shoes and sensors.  Through GPS(Internet required), this app can record the route, time, and speed of every jogging. Recording jogging is just that simple.

Unlike the Nike+ app that is built in iPhone, Nike+ GPS has better interface and support of social websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
It also supports recording condition, weather, feeling and taking a quick note.

We can set distance, location, and music here.  Also we can choose whether we want to receive the support from Facebook. 

After running, we can review the result about how many time it took and how many calories were burned.  

After finishing work out, we  can immediately write down our mood and feel about this time.  

The mos special feature is that we can completely see the route of this jog, and we also can change to speed-map by clicking on the bar above.

Let's see the status of speed-map!

在使用此軟體之前,我也用了Nike+ Sportsband 將近一年,除了價格貴,還要限定跑鞋的款式,入門門檻挺高,想要說服朋友一起加入路跑的紀錄行列總是困難重重,自從發現了這個軟體後,拉朋友一起來跑更簡單了,因為只要有iPhone後,買個運動臂套就可以上路了!重點是軟體只要1.99,比起Sportsband上千,sensor動輒數百元,Nike+ GPS真的是CP值相當高的軟體,誠心推薦給個位喜好慢跑,或是想加入慢跑行列的iPhone捧由們!

Before I started to use this app, I had used the Nike+ Sportband for almost a year.  However, applying in this project is relatively tough for people because of the high price and the restriction of the running shoes.  I always meet a lot of difficulties when I  try to persuade my friends to join this jogging-record project.  Yet, since I found this app, it has become much easier for me to persuade my friends to join.  Since the only thing now people need to buy for starting recording is a sport armband.  More important, the price for this app is only 1.99, which is very low compared to those Sportsband and the Nike+ sensor.  Nike+ GPS  really is a awesome app with high C/P. I highly recommend this app for people who love jogging or are willing to try it!